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Feedback Feature for Sitters

You now have the option to leave detailed feedback after each booking through a structured form. This feedback will help other sitters better understand the needs and behaviours of a pet, and it can help sitters determine whether the pet is a good fit before accepting a request.

Eventually, there'll be a window of time when sitters and pet owners can leave feedback and reviews for one another. Your feedback won’t be released until the pet owner has submitted their review or until that window has closed, so you don’t have to worry about whether your feedback impacts your own reviews.

Currently, we’re just gathering feedback about sitters’ experiences, so neither pet owners nor sitters can view this feedback yet. In the near future, we’ll make this feedback visible, and we’ll let you know once you can start seeing feedback from other sitters.

How to leave feedback

  1. Open the booking from the Past Stays section of your inbox.
    Note: If you're leaving feedback for a recurring service, visit the Upcoming Stays section.
  2. Select Leave feedback.
  3. Fill out feedback forms for the pet and/or the pet owner, then select Save and Continue.
  4. Depending on your responses, you might see an option to fill out additional feedback for Rover.


Where can I see this feedback?

Currently, we’re just gathering feedback about sitters’ experiences, so pet owners and sitters can’t view this feedback yet. Eventually, public feedback will be visible on the pet's profile. You, the pet owner, and any other sitters the pet owner contacts to request care will be able to see this information once the new feature eventually rolls out.

Your feedback will help your fellow sitters get some first-hand insight into the pets and pet owners (and whether they might be a good match), before accepting a request.

Can I edit the feedback I left for the pet owner and/or pet?

Once feedback has been left, we’re unable to edit it unless the feedback violates our review policy. If you’d like to give a pet owner additional feedback, you can send them a message on Rover. Or, if you have private feedback that you’d like to share with us, you can email us by contacting Rover Support in the Help Center.

Note: As part of this new feedback structure, some sections are labelled “Private Feedback.” Your responses in those sections won’t be visible to the pet owner.

Keep in mind, this feature isn’t intended to replace the Report function. If you would like Rover to act on your behalf, ‌always use the Report function. In the unlikely case you experience a safety issue, ‌report it to Rover immediately.

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