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How does the sitter profile review process work?

Every sitter profile is manually reviewed by the Rover sitter team. We evaluate each profile to determine whether it meets our unique set of quality standards. If we decide the sitter or dog walker is a good fit for Rover, we’ll approve their profile, and they can then list pet care services on the site.

What are some of the reasons my profile might not be approved?

Review and approval of sitters and dog walkers ultimately centers around the question, “Do we believe pet owners will have a great experience with this sitter or dog walker?”

There are a lot of reasons why a profile might not be approved. Here are a few of the biggest ones:

  • Sitters and dog walkers on Rover are a unique blend of professional and caring people. If we don’t feel a profile exhibits those traits, it may not be approved.
  • For sitters offering in-home services, it’s not evident that they can provide the individualized experience our pet owners are looking for. Rover was designed to be an alternative to kennels by offering one-on-one attention and personalized care for pets.
  • The information in the sitter’s profile doesn’t show us they’re able to safely separate the large number of pets they want to accept at one time. This could include the profile description and/or photos of the sitter’s home.
  • The sitter already has many animals in their home which may prevent them from providing a safe experience for additional pets.

Can I appeal the approval decision?

Finding sitters and dog walkers who are the right fit for Rover is something we take very seriously. We do everything we can to be thorough the first time around, and for that reason the approval decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Can I still use Rover to book a stay or walk for my pet?

Absolutely. You’re still welcome to book stays for your own pets through Rover. Although you can’t access your sitter profile anymore, you can still access your account, including your payment information.

Can I retrieve my pictures, profile content, and testimonials?

Once a sitter profile is deactivated, profile access is disabled, which includes access to any photos or information the sitter added to their profile when creating it. All of that information is stored securely with Rover and will never be shared with other companies or become accessible to any third parties.

What does Rover do with all the personal information I used to create my sitter profile?

Personal information is stored in our secure database. It’s not shared with other companies or accessible by any third parties.

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